Voter and Language Access

Here are Voter and Language Access FAQs in PDF form.


Do you have an Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Coordinator on staff to assist and answer questions from voters with disabilities? with disabilities?

I have a disability; can I still register to vote?

How can I register to vote?

Do I need to provide ID?

What programs and services do you provide for voters with disabilities, senior citizens, and no or limited English proficient voters?

Do I have to vote in person?

Is my polling site accessible?

Will I be allowed to bring my service animal inside the Vote Center?

Is there someone who can help me if I do not know what to do once I am at the polling place? Can my spouse/partner/child/friend/neighbor help me inside the voting booth?

My assigned polling place is not accessible for my specific needs. Can I vote somewhere else?

Are your voting machines accessible?

Can I change my vote choice(s) before I cast my vote?

What should I do if someone pressures me to vote for a particular candidate?

I have trouble reading and understanding what is printed on my ballot. I would like to be able to vote privately and without help, just like everyone else. What are my rights?

May I move to the front of the line on Election Day if my disability requires it?

I have a cognitive disability, are there any restrictions on my right to vote in the District of Columbia?

Can I vote if I live in a nursing home, hospital, or other facility?

I filled out my Sample Ballot ahead of time. Can I bring it inside the Vote Center as a “guide”?

I lost or damaged my Absentee Ballot. Can I get a replacement?

Is there a way for me to vote if I experience a health crisis shortly before an election?

Can I be an Election Day Worker if I have a disability?

Do we provide reasonable accommodations?