What Every Voter Should Know

Voter Assistance

DCBOE provides numerous voting options for senior citizens and people with disabilities. During Early Voting and on Election Day, senior citizens and people with disabilities can vote in-person at any Vote Center.  Voter Assistance Clerks will be present to help. In addition to in-person voting, DCBOE offers:

Curbside voting (at select Vote Centers - check the Vote Centers listing)

If you are unable to enter a Vote Center due to a disability, seniority, or illness, you may arrange to vote from your car. 

Early Voting 

You can cast your ballot at any Early Voting Center using the Board’s accessible touchscreen voting equipment. The touchscreen offers a voter-verifiable paper audit trail of all votes cast. Each voter will be checked in at the Early Voting Center using electronic pollbooks that are connected over a secure network so that a voter cannot check-in and cast a ballot at more than one (1) location. 

Absentee Voting

All active registered voters will receive a mail-in-ballot at their registered address beginning the first week in October.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REQUEST AN ABSENTEE BALLOT!  However, you can use the absentee form to update your address or request the mail in ballot to be sent to another location where you are located.

Voted and mailed ballots must be postmarked or otherwise demonstrated to have been sent on or before Election Day, and must arrive no later than the 10th day after Election Day to be counted.  Ballots can be mailed via the postal carrier, dropped off at a Mail Ballot Drop Box (See list of Drop Box locations) or delivered in-person at any Voting Center during Early Voting or on Election Day by 8:00pm.