Office of the General Counsel

Administrative Orders

Order Number Order Description Subject Date Issued
22-013 Luz Martinez-Munoz v. Office of Mayor of the Trayon White Challenges to Nominating Petitions 04/22/2022
22-003 Bruce V. Spiva v. Kenyan McDuffie Challenges to Nominating Petitions 04/18/2022
22-001 Initiative Measure No. 82, the "District of Columbia Tip Credit Elimination Act of 2022" Petition Sufficiency - Initiatives 04/06/2022
22-002 Lori Furstenberg, Candidate. Appeal from Adverse Determination of Eligibility Appeals from Preliminary Determinations of Ineligibility 04/06/2022
21-004 Challenge to Recall Petition Filed Against Sydelle Moore Challenges to Nominating Petitions 11/24/2021
21-002 Elizabeth Davis Education Equity Pathway Policy Act of 2022 Proper Subject Determinations - Initiatives 09/28/2021
21-001 DC Full Minimum Wage For Tipped Workers Amendment Act of 2022 Proper Subject Determinations - Initiatives 08/31/2021
20-027 Hearing De Novo on OCF Order Requests for Review of Office of Campaign Finance Orders and Decisions 12/04/2020
20-028 The New Modern Day Criminal Justice Cannabis Reform Act of 2020 Proper Subject Determinations - Initiatives 12/04/2020
20-016 Jillian Wolons v. Brandon Frye Challenges to Nominating Petitions 09/08/2020