Office of the General Counsel

Administrative Orders

Order Number Order Description Subject Date Issued
08-005 In re: Lynn French v. Oralia Puente Challenges to Nominating Petitions 07/24/2008
01-020 In re: Medical Marijuana Initiative Campaign of 2002 Proper Subject Determinations - Initiatives 12/14/2001
19-031 In Re: Notice of Intent to Recall Jack Evans Challenges to Ballot Measure Petitions - Recalls 05/29/2019
19-042 In Re: Petition to Recall Ward Two Councilmember Jack Evans Miscellaneous 12/16/2019
19-030 In Re: Recall of Jack Evans Challenges to Ballot Measure Petitions - Recalls 04/04/2019
02-029 In Re: Richard C. Bartel Appeals from Preliminary Determinations of Ineligibility 10/07/2002
08-006 In re: Sandra Seegars v. Chanda McMahan Challenges to Nominating Petitions 07/28/2008
18-008 In Re: The University Order Incubator Initiative & Referendum by Ameer Flippin Miscellaneous 05/15/2018
02-019 In the matter of Hon. Mayor Anthony Williams Challenges to Nominating Petitions 08/15/2002
02-017 Initiative No. 63 Medical Marijuana Miscellaneous 08/12/2002