Office of the General Counsel

Administrative Orders

Order Number Order Description Subject Date Issued
13-05 DC In Re: "God created the Human Race Man Woman Children not the Homosexual Race" Proper Subject Determinations - Initiatives 04/05/2013
14-012 DC Office of Campaign Finance v. Frank Sewell, for Mayor 2014 Office of Campaign Finance Charges and Formal Hearings 09/24/2014
18-011 Delegate Voting Rights Act of 2018 Proper Subject Determinations - Initiatives 06/11/2018
22-007 Denise Reed v. MaryEva Candon Challenges to Nominating Petitions 04/22/2022
22-011 Dennis Jaffe v. Bradley Thomas Challenges to Nominating Petitions 04/22/2022
20-010 Detrick Campbell v. Jamaal Burton Challenges to Nominating Petitions 09/08/2020
18-006 Didier Sinisterra, Challenger v. James Butler, Candidate Challenges to Nominating Petitions 04/23/2018
00-036B Dorothy Brizill v. Office of Campaign Finance Requests for Review of Office of Campaign Finance Orders and Decisions 06/26/2000
04-003 Dorothy Miller v Graham Long Challenges to Nominating Petitions 03/26/2004
05-001 Drake v Citizens- Committee order to show cause Challenges to Ballot Measure Petitions - Initiatives 01/06/2005