Office of the General Counsel

Administrative Orders

Order Number Order Description Subject Date Issued
08-004 In re: Frank Wu, Candidate for Ward 3 Committee Member, Democratic State Committee Appeals from Preliminary Determinations of Ineligibility 07/18/2008
08-005 In re: Lynn French v. Oralia Puente Challenges to Nominating Petitions 07/24/2008
08-006 In re: Sandra Seegars v. Chanda McMahan Challenges to Nominating Petitions 07/28/2008
08-007 Rejection of DC Citizen Legislation Act Proper Subject Determinations - Initiatives 10/06/2008
08-008 Challenge to Nominating Geoffrey A. Kreiss, ANC/SMD 6D07 Challenges to Nominating Petitions 10/06/2008
08-009 Challenge to Nominating Angel S. Alston, ANC/SMD 5A03 Challenges to Nominating Petitions 10/07/2008
08-010 Challenge to Nominating Paul Poe, ANC/SMD 3C01 Challenges to Nominating Petitions 10/07/2008
09-001 Ralph J. Chittams, Complainant v Cameron Poles Challenges to Candidate or Incumbent Qualifications 02/10/2009
09-002 Appeal of Board Decision to Declare a Vacancy in the Office of ANC SMD 7B05 Miscellaneous 01/28/2009
09-003 David Mallof, et al. v. DC Office of Campaign Finance Requests for Review of Office of Campaign Finance Orders and Decisions 01/28/2009