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Election Laws and Regulations

Federal Election Laws

District of Columbia Election and Campaign Finance Laws

The majority of the District of Columbia's election and campaign finance laws are codified in Chapters 10 and 11A of Title 1 of the D.C. Official Code. Additional election laws are codified throughout Chapters 1–4 and 38. Although the Official Code is available online through the D.C. Council website, individual chapters and subchapters cannot be directly linked here. Please follow the outline below to reach the desired chapters and subchapters of the Code.

Election Code

  • Title 1, Chapter 10, "Elections"

Campaign Finance

  • Title 1, Chapter 11A, "Government Ethics and Accountability"
    • Subchapter III, "Campaign Finance"


  • Title 1, Chapter 1, Subchapter II, "Statehood"
  • Title 1, Chapter 2
    • Subchapter III, "District Charter Preamble, Legislative Power, and Charter Amending Procedures"
    • Subchapter IV, "The District Charter"
    • Subchapter VII, "Referendum; Succession in Government; Temporary Provisions; Miscellaneous; Amendments to District of Columbia Elections Act; Rules of Construction; and Effective Dates"
  • Title 1, Chapter 3, Subchapter V, "Advisory Neighborhood Commissions"
  • Title 1, Chapter 4, "Delegate to the House of Representatives"
  • Title 38, Chapter 26A, “State Board of Education

D.C. Municipal Regulations