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The Canvass Card


Did You Receive an Address Confirmation Notice by Mail?
If the recipient of the confirmation notice does not live at that address, please check the box and drop the card in the mail. Otherwise, open the card and follow these steps:
Detach the three parts of the canvass mailer:
  • TOP: Address Confirmation Notice.
  • MIDDLE: Address Confirmation Card.
  • BOTTOM: Envelope
To confirm your address by mail:
  • Check the box (1), sign (2) and date (3) the address confirmation card.
  • Fold the card and insert it in the envelope.
  • Write your name and address in the envelope, seal it, and drop it in the mail.
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To confirm your address online with your smartphone:
  • Scan the QR Code with your phone 
  • Click on "Go to Website" to open the Online Address Confirmation Form.
  • Complete all the required fields, review your answers, and click submit.
‚ÄčTo confirm your address online with your computer:


Canvass Card FAQs

What should I do if I received an Address Confirmation Notice for someone who does not live at my address?
Please check the box on the front of the Notice stating the addressee does not live at your address, and return it to DCBOE via U.S. Mail.
Why did I receive an Address Confirmation Notice?
An Address Confirmation Notice was sent to all registered voters who did not vote in the 2022 General Election. DCBOE does this to confirm their registered address in the District of Columbia.  DCBOE uses the information to update the voter roll so it is as accurate as possible.  It also ensures that voters are casting ballots in the right Ward and Advisory Neighborhood Commission Single Member District.
Why do I need to complete an Address Confirmation Notice?  I thought I was registered to vote.
You are still registered to vote.  You were sent the Notice to confirm your address with DCBOE.  Please fill out the Notice as instructed and return it to DCBOE so we can update the voter roll. 
What should I do with the Address Confirmation Notice?
Confirm your registration address with DCBOE by doing one of the following: 
  • Confirm your address online by clicking here. If you confirm your address online, you DO NOT have to return the card.
  • Confirm you address by mail by completing the Notice and mailing it back to DCBOE. Please remember to sign and date the Notice.
What should I do if my address is correct?
Please confirm that it is correct by checking the box that says “I am the voter who lives at the address listed in the Board’s records.” and return the Address Confirmation Notice to DCBOE.
You can also use the QR code on the Address Confirmation Notice to electronically confirm your address is correct or do so by clicking here.
What happens if I do not return the Address Confirmation Notice?
You will still be registered to vote, but to vote in the next election you will likely need to provide proof of residency and will also likely need to vote in person.

The addressee on the Address Confirmation Notice is deceased.  What should I do?

Please open the notice. In the blank space next to the voter’s name, write: “Deceased Voter”, print your name and then sign and indicate your relationship to the voter, and return the Notice to DCBOE via U.S. Mail. 

You can also fill out a Notification of Deceased Voter and return it to DCBOE. The form can be printed and returned to DCBOE via U.S. Mail or by e-mail to: [email protected].  

Questions? Please call DCBOE directly at (202) 727-2525.